Mind Rank

Mind Rank offers unaided awareness surveys and live workshop presentations in local markets across the United States and Canada.  We conduct surveys in local markets asking residents of the community whom they think of first in an array of local business categories.  The surveys reveal opportunities available for businesses to increase their mind share through advertising and marketing which equates to markets share.

The surveys are unaided awareness surveys. Respondents are simply asked to name the business that comes to mind first.  The number of business categories surveyed is limitless and defined by our media partners.  The survey is basically the local businesses “report card”.  When presented with the survey information, many businesses will realize that their advertising and marketing efforts may be spot on or more likely, need some adjusting.  The survey shows opportunity and our media partners are trained to help the local business use this information to get a better grip on their advertising expenditures.

The live in-market Mind Rank Marketing Workshops is our live presentation of the survey information.  These 1 ½ hour presentations include explanations of the methodology used to conduct the surveys, the parameters used, answers to survey questions about local media, phone book usage, social media usage and of course the business categories themselves.

Our media partners are trained by a Mind Rank expert and all materials needed to insure a successful presentation are provided by Advanced Concepts, Inc.

Our media partners have written hundreds of thousands of dollars in NEW annual business using our Mind Rank program.  For more information, referrals or a quote, please contact us at (812) 272-1925 or e-mail us at sales@aconcepts.net.