Our BRAND-AID Marketing Workshops helps great businesses become great brands.

This is our in-market workshop program. The workshops are designed for advertisers, business owners, marketing directors, agency buyers and anyone charged with marketing a business or product. The workshops are for groups of 10 to 100.

The Workshop

Our BRAND-AID Marketing Workshops focus on helping great businesses or products learn how to become great brands through advertising and marketing and the power of music in branding. The workshops are 75 minutes in length and presented two or three times a day dependent upon individual market needs.

The audience is lead through a workshop which focuses on areas such as: the goal of advertising, top of mind awareness, branding versus spiking (call to action), triggering events, consistency, repetition and memory, bricks and mortar, slogans, etc. The latter part of the workshop focuses on the power of music through very specific examples both from the real world and the world of advertising.

How It Works

The workshops contain testimonials, case studies, music, audience participation, humor, information and entertainment.  It is fast paced and has been very well received.

The workshops are presented and hosted by local media properties and the goal of the workshop is to sell annual advertising agreements on our local media partners’ properties in conjunction with a musical image from Advanced Concepts, Inc.

There is no investment required on the part of our media partners. We supply all materials and training needed to make this an overwhelming success for our media partners and their clients or prospective clients.

Contact Us

To learn more about this opportunity, please feel free to call us at (812) 272-1925 or e-mail us at [email protected].